Quality management

Thermal Management

Sophisticated temperature control is essential in aluminum casting. For this reason, the mold’s temperature balance is monitored by measuring the temperature at about 8 points of each product. This data, shown on an LCD-monitor, is used for optimization during the production development. In mass production, the temperature data is recorded every 5 seconds for traceability.

Process Control & inspection System

Stable quality is achieved by process control during production and confirmed by quick and precise inspection.
Thorough monitoring is not only applied to manufacturing, but as a way of double checking in the inspection area. Here we do not only rely on inspection fixtures but on specialists operating this equipment.


Maintaining our excellent level of quality, while product specifications become more challenging, is only possible by constantly improving our technology. Internal audits are our most powerful tool for identifying items to be improved. We actively encourage the attitude of improvement [KAIZEN] in all areas of our organization.

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